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Professional Fast, Same Day Headshots in NYC with Expert Photographer - Company Special Package

A Professional Headshot is an investment in your career. With our special headshot package, you will have photos that make a lasting impression for you and your fellow employees. We guarantee image consistency with all your Team Members by our photographer carefully guiding each Team Member to achieve their personal best-look. You may choose the company's background and style of Headshot for your unique business so that all images have consistency throughout. High resolution images delivered electronically within 24-hours. At Tals Studio, we capture headshots for professionals of all ages in creative fields, acting, arts, finance, law, consulting, marketing, graduate school and residency applications, medicine, and more.

What's Included:

5 - 6 Team Members

10 - 15 Min blocks for each Team Member

2 Retouched Images each Team Member$149 Special Package

​Online Gallery for Proofing

Full usage rights

Book online today!

Or Call Us at

(646) 300-2216

We look forward to meeting you!


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