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Dancing with Emotion

To all artistic individuals, We are in process of launching an Art Photography Book “Dancing With Emotions” by Yoni Levy. The book is about the beauty of humans, who combine these elements within their bodies, souls, and spirits.


Earth, Water, Fire, and Air are each present in everyone in different balances. They express themselves through types of temperament and consciousness, Zodiac signs, and even the male and female energies within us. Each person is more attuned to some element than others, however our final goal is to develop and integrate all four of them.


We are seeking dancers to join us on a journey of artistic exploration of these four elements in “Dancing With Emotions.” 

In each shot, you will need to deeply feel the element you are expressing. The full body images will be mostly in-motion, including jumps, twists, and artistic nudity; dancers should feel confident about their bodies. Some portraits will be taken too. Floating fabrics and natural materials such as flowers, branches, powder, sand, water, and many others will be involved. Make-up and hair styling will be provided.


The “Dancing with Emotions” is dedicated to the loving memory of Itzhak Levy 12/12/1931 - 07/13/2001 and Marcelle Levy 05/16/1932 - 02/09/16. 

Passionate and spiritual dance expressing emotion.

Photography By Yoni


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