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Yoni Levy, owner of  Photography By Yoni / Tals Studio Video Production, has extensive experience in video production, film, TV, advertising, and many artistic and creative projects. With his team, he is working on big and small projects.


We have a large base of models, actors, and dancers who are more than happy to take part in any project we work on. Our company also has professional make-up artists, hairstylists, photographers, editors, digital designers, and cameramen.


We have been working with computer graphics, special effects, and animation.



In-studio shooting is available with professional lighting and the ability to use a green screen. Available camera brands include Canon, Sony, RED, and Black Magic.

We have all the necessary equipment for filming, and cameras.



We operate out of Brazil & New York.


This kind of video is best for lower-budget, independent artists. Pricing starts at $599.


The package is best for simple music videos, 1-2 locations, and around 1-2 hours of shooting.​



This kind of video is best if you need something interesting, artistic, and creative. Pricing starts at $1,500.


A big-budget music video for professional musicians. Pricing starts at $4000.


Let's discuss the details of your idea.



Pricing is due to change based on the concept of video.