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NYC Pet Photography Session with Pet Photographer at Tals Studio - $99

Bring your beloved pets to be part of our NYC Pet Photography Session at Tals Studios, our pet-friendly studio located in the heart of Manhattan.

Celebrate the adorable moments with your beloved pet through our NYC Pet Photography Session at Tals Studio! This delightful session honors the unique connection, loyalty, and happiness that pets bring into your world. Our fast and budget-friendly session is dedicated to highlighting the irresistible charm of your furry friend.

$99 Pets Photography Session

30-minutes pet photoshoot
(40–60 pictures)
Unlimited Poses / Sittings / Changes
Receive the Final Retouched 5 Images
Hi-Resolution Copies Perfect for Print

For further details please feel free to call at 646-300-2216
We are excited to collaborate with you and your adorable pet!
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