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Kids Birthday Photographer in Manhattan, New York City 1 Hour Children Birthday Photography Session

Best memorable and long-lasting gift ever! Come join us in a Kids Birthday Photography Session at Tals Studio Manhattan.

Children's Birthday Photographer in NYC 1 Hour Fun Kids Birthday Photography Session $249

This year think outside of the box and give your child a fun different gift. Book a Kids Birthday Photoshoot, the ideal way to commemorate your child's special day! This photography session is meant to capture unique magical moments highlighting your child's birthday having fun while shooting with a professional photographer at Tals Studio in the heart of Manhattan.

Our 40 years of experience professional photographer, knows exactly how to take perfect shots to make this moment special. His experience in working with kids makes this photography session superfluid and easygoing.

Children's Birthday Birthday Photography Session $ 249

Cake Smashing Photos

1 hour Photoshoot (80 - 120 Pictures) Receive the Final 15 Images Hi-Resolution Copies Perfect for Print Low-Resolution Copies Perfect for Online Online Gallery for Proofing Unlimited Poses / Sittings / Changes Book Online

Give us a call at (646)-300-2216

We can't wait to see you!

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