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Headshots in 24 Hours. TALS Studio, The Fastest Headshots in NYC

Professional profiles deserve professional headshots. Whether you work in an office, or are a door-to-door salesman, if you are putting your face out there, you should do it to the best of your ability. You work har for your money, and your professional portfolio should reflect that.

At TALS Studio, we understand what it means to live and work in New York City. Our website makes it easy, convenient, and inexpensive to book a headshot session and receive the resulting images within 24 hours.

Our $149 package includes: • 30 Minute Booking • 4 Final retouched Images • 2 Background Colors • Unlimited Poses • Online Gallery for Proofing with 20-30 images to choose from.

Book an Appointment Today and Update your Portfolio! 646-300-2216


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