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Glamour Milk Bathtub Photography. Professional Glamour Milk Bathtub Photographer at TALS Studio

At TALS Studio, we offer a range of different photoshoot packages, including our latest exclusive, The Glamour Milk Bathtub Photoshoot. In addition to our regular glamour photoshoot package, the Glamour Milk Bath Photoshoot is perfect for adding an extra splash of fun to your everyday photoshoot.

Unlike any other photoshoot in New York City this special photoshoot provides you with unique portraits you can't get anywhere else. We find this photoshoot perfect for creatively showing off your favorite dresses, bathing suits, and even lingerie. While we have fabrics and clothing on site, we encourage you to bring your own and get the most from your booking.

Book our Glamour Milk Bathtub Photoshoot, for only $349 and receive: - A 2 Hour Private Booking - Glamour Photoshoot + Milk Bathtub Photoshoot - 15 Final Retouched Images - Unlimited Outfit Changes - Unlimited Poses - An online gallery for proofing, filled with over 200 pictures from your photoshoot. - A Photoshoot Experience you won't find anywhere else!

Questions? Give us a call at 646-300-2216! Ready to book? Follow the link below to make your booking now!

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