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Dancer Headshot Photography Session in Manhattan

Professional Dancer/Acting Headshot Photographer at Tals Studio in NYC

A good headshot is essential for dancers as it serves as their first impression in the industry. It showcases their unique style, personality, and talent, helping them stand out in auditions, casting calls, and promotional materials. With a professionally crafted headshot, dancers can effectively communicate their skills and versatility, making a lasting impact on directors, choreographers, and agents.

Elevate your dance career with our Dancers Headshot Photography Session at Tals Studio. Our experienced headshot photographer specializes in capturing the essence of dancers, showcasing their talent, personality, and style. Book your session today and make a lasting impression in the industry!

Dancer Headshot Photography Session - $149

30 Minutes Headshot Photoshoot
4 Final Retouched Images
2 Background Color
​Online Gallery for Proofing
(40-60 Images)

If you have any other questions please feel free to call us at 646-300-2216.
We look forward to hearing from you
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