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$99 Same Day Headshots Photographer NYC Tals Studio

Yoni Levy Headshots Photographer

For those who don't have a lot of time, our Basic Headshot Package is the package for you. This Package takes 15-Minutes to capture your perfect Headshots. Let your personality shine through your Headshot to stand out from the crowd. Perfect for Social Media use.

If you need to update your Website, Portfolio, or Business Card, our Professional Headshot Package is what you're looking for. Great for a variety of Professional purposes including LinkedIn, Resumes, and Job Applications and takes just 30-Minutes to capture your new Professional Headshots. We’ll help you in posing, choosing the best backdrop color and lighting to get the best Headshots possible.

What's Included:

$99 2 Final Retouched Images

15 Minutes

​1 Background Color

​Online Gallery for Proofing

(15-20 Images)

Full usage rights



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