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Professional Product Photography by NYC Photographer in Manhattan Studio

Book your Professional Product Photography with Tals Studio Today!


Quality photography is essential when your customers cannot see your merchandise face-to-face or physically hold the product in their hands. A combination of photographic expertise and professional-grade equipment can truly change a bland, uninviting product into a must-have! Here at Tals Studio, we are here to help you get the professional shots you need at a reasonable rate!

Here we see one of many photographs taken from a photoshoot Tals Studio did for Forever Perfume. This amazing perfume captures the essence of Elvis Presley and has a powerful visual impact. Professional Product Photography brings your business to the next level. Use these images to display your products in a way that will draw the eyes of new customers.

Clients may submit styling guides and inspiration photos as guidance for our photographers. Photos will be submitted for approval and a limited amount of reshoots may be requested at no additional cost.

Pricing is for single product shots of accessories or tabletop items only.

What's Included:

- 10 Products Package - $375

- 20 Final retouched images

- Your Choice of White, Black, or Green Background

- 2 Final Retouched Images Per Product

- Delivery Via WeTransfer or Dropbox

- Hi-Resolution Copies Perfect for Print

- Low-Resolution Copies Perfect for Online

- Full usage rights

Additional Images $10 each

Additional Products $20 each

Give us a Call: 646-300-2216

We can't wait to meet you!


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