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Professional Headshots in New York City. Book With TALS Studio Online!

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In some professions, a good headshot can lead a person to success. In most cases, your headshot is the first thing people see about you, and most of the time, a selfie from your cell phone just wont cut it. At TALS Studio, we work hard to get you headshots that will impress anyone you would like to stand out to.

Looking for a great deal? Our $149 Headshot package offers 4 final retouched images with up to 2 different background colors. In just 30 minutes, our talented photographers can guarantee that you will walk away with the "perfect headshot."

Conveniently located on 29th Street and 6th Ave, TALS Studio is conveniently accessible by most public transit lines, including the LIRR and NJ Transit. We are open to anyone and everyone, and can be easily booked online.

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