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Professional Corporate Headshot Photos By Expert Manhattan Photography Studio!

At Tals Studio, we offer professional corporate headshot sessions. The corporate headshot package is perfect for finance, consulting, investment, real estate, doctors, tech, hospitals, schools, start-ups, IT, and law firms seeking professional and fast headshot services. We provide a professional studio with the top-of-the-line camera, lighting, and background equipment for portraits to capture your company’s businessmen and businesswomen. Or we can travel to your workplace. Our team sets up a professional studio in your office with top of a line camera, lighting, and background equipment. Your team members will be scheduled in 10-15 min blocks. We spend around 10-15 min taking pictures of each person and 10-15 min choosing the best photos while we take pictures of the next person. A variety of packages are available to suit your needs. Photographer Yoni Levy 35 years of experience will provide you with headshots tailored to your company’s branding within 24 hours.

What’s Included:

  • Up To 5 Team Members

  • 10 - 15 min blocks for each Team Member

  • 2 Retouched Images for each Team Member

Or Call Us at

(646) 300-2216

We look forward to meeting you!


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