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Newborn photography

Newborn photography

Newborn baby photography is an area we specialize in, making sure we capture your beautiful newborn baby in the first few days of life (the optimum time being 15 to 45 days).

Ahead of your appointment, we will have a conversation, where we will go through what to bring with you, and what your baby will wear. I do have a range of hats and other props which you may like on the day.

I know this is so special to you, but also appreciate you have only recently given birth, as such our New Studio will help you feel at ease.The warm and comfortable custom built studio will provide you with a great experience and our great personal service backs this up.

I am a very experienced baby photographer and am completely confident I will get fantastic shots, even if we have to stop for feeding, changing and crying. I am very patient knowing I will get stunning images in the end.

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