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New York City Soon to Be Parents- Maternity Photoshoot for Only $249!

Pregnant / Maternity / Motherhood Photographer in NYC- Only $249


Book your shoot for beautiful, angelic maternity photos for all soon-to-be parents! A perfect way to capture this unique life moment of having a baby. Yoni Levy / Tals Studio offers a personalized photography experience focusing on your moments and connection with pregnancy, and your soon-to-be newborn baby. Book a perfect Maternity photoshoot to capture the graceful, elegant, and important experience of carrying your sweet baby for all pregnant mothers at any stage, and any trimester. Complimentary styling and wardrobe services offered.

2 Hour Session - $249

15 Final retouched images

What's Included:

-(100-120 Pictures)

-Unlimited Poses / Sittings / Changes

-Hi-Resolution Copies Perfect for Print

-Low-Resolution Copies Perfect for Online

-Bring your own wardrobe fabrics and an additional wardrobe is on-site to be used in the photoshoot

-Immediate family welcome to join in your photoshoot

-Online Gallery for Proofing

-Full usage rights

Photo By Yoni Levy / Tals Studio


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