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Kassandra Boliakis - Fashion Model

Kassandra Boliakis x New York Times In June 2020, Kassandra Boliakis modeled for New York Times in New York City at Tals Studio. Kassandra Boliakis is dressed in the front cover of The New York Times newspaper, wrapped in a Gucci belt and paired with a Louis Vuitton clutch and clear heels to complete this New York chic runway look. Photographer: Yoni Levy. Booking:

Modeling Portfolios

Show off your modeling talents with a new portfolio! For 30 years Photographer Yoni Levy has been applying his mastery in lighting to capture the beauty of the fashion industry. From runways to editorial, as well as private sessions, photography is Yoni's passion. For this reason, he understands every model has their own look and he will ensure that your unique personality shows in your modeling portfolio. Yoni can guarantee that you'll be walking away with a portfolio that stands out from the crowd.

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