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Maternity Milk Bath Photography With Professional Photographer Yoni Levy Tals Studio

Updated: Oct 20, 2022


With this unique package you will have a maternity photoshoot as well as an additional milk bath maternity photoshoot. In this photography session you will be drawn a luxury milk bath covered in delicate flowers to accentuate your feminine essence. Come and bask in this special time to celebrate you and capture this magical moment in your life.

Maternity Milk Bathtub Photoshoot

Along with the full Maternity Package, include an additional milk bathtub setup to capture the beautiful, fleeting moments of pregnancy in a unique, elegant, and stunning new way. Dress, bathing suit, and nude options are available, and our extra elements like pink and blue milk powders, flowers, petals, and fresh fruit will make your photos even more powerful.

$499 3 Hours​

25 Final Retouched Images

Unlimited Outfits

Immediate Family Welcome to be On Set*

Online Gallery for Proofing

(75-100 Images)

Full usage rights​

Bring your own wardrobe fabrics and additional wardrobe is provided on-site to be used in the photoshoot

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