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Lifestyle Photography Service in the Heart of Manhattan

Seasoned lifestyle photographer, Zion Yoni Levy, will optimize and coordinate your signature looks with the best of New York's sights!

Headshot Photographer at Tals Studio NYC Photography Studio for New York Professionals

2-Hour Lifestyle Photography Package - $349

Capture the Heartbeat of NYC with Our Lifestyle Photography Services!

In the vibrant tapestry of New York City's bustling streets and iconic landmarks, every moment is a story waiting to be told. Our professional lifestyle photography services offer you the chance to freeze those genuine, unscripted moments that define the essence of urban life. Whether it's a candid Central Park picnic, a laughter-filled stroll through Times Square, or a quiet coffee moment in a Brooklyn café, we specialize in creating visual narratives that reflect your unique personality against the backdrop of the big apple!

Zion Yoni Levy not only possesses an impeccable eye for composition and lighting but also an innate understanding of the city's rhythm, ensuring that every snapshot resonates with the energy and diversity that make NYC one of a kind. Let us transform your everyday experiences into timeless works of art, preserving the spirit of your urban adventure for years to come.

2-Hour Lifestyle Photography Package - $349

20 Final Retouched Images

Any locations in Manhattan of your choice

1 Hour Inside the Studio

1 Hour Outdoors

Delivery Via WeTransfer or Dropbox

Hi-Resolution Copies Perfect for Print

Low-Resolution Copies Perfect for Online

Full usage rights

Or Call Us 646-300-2216

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