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Kassandra Boliakis Coral Toothpaste

Kassandra Boliakis Coral Toothpaste

In May 2020, Kassandra Boliakis modeled for Coral Toothpaste in Dallas, Texas.

Kassandra is dressed in a gray sleeveless Calvin Klein long vest and vintage acid wash denim shorts for this classic morning look.

Kassandra Boliakis can take your product advertising to the next level with live product modeling in partnership with Tals Studio. Currently based in New York and Texas, travel rates available upon request.  Available for in-person photoshoots, travel friendly and digitally via FaceTime or Zoom. 

For more information please visit our website: or give us a call at (646) 300-2216.

All products sponsored by Coral Toothpaste.

Photo By Yoni Levy / Tals Studio

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