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Fashion Photoshoot for Glamour and Modeling. TALS Studio Glamour Photoshoots.

Or Call us at 646-300-2216

Bored? Looking for something exciting to do in New York City? Love being in front of the camera? Glamour Photoshoots are one of the most exciting kinds of photoshoots offered by TALS Studio in NYC!

We welcome everyone! Bring your energy! Bring your favorite outfits! We even invite you to book with a friend, and bring them! Our Glamour Package is only $249, and is available to be booked at your convenience! What you get with your booking:

- A 1 Hour Photoshoot

- 10 Final Retouched Images

- Online Gallery to choose finals, filled with over 100 images.

- Unlimited Poses

- Unlimited Outfit Changes

- Your choice of background colors

Want to book with a friend? Add them to your booking for $100 additional. Ask about our makeup artist!

Questions? Give us a call at 646-300-2216. Or visit the link below and go straight to booking.


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