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Acting & Modeling Headshots Photographer In NYC


Headshots at Tals Studio convey the drama, passion, and emotion you convey in the performing arts! Capture your passion for acting, music, theatre, and more with headshots that will open doors to new opportunities! With NYC opening back up, casting directors for films, TV, Broadway, and more spend hours flipping through hundreds of headshots. Tals Studio captures headshots that stand out from the rest, capture your personality and make a lasting impression. Photographer Yoni Levy has been shooting actors, models, and professionals of all ages for over 40 years. Located in Chelsea, Manhattan, Tals Studio specializes in shooting youthful, glowing headshots for actors and actresses. You will achieve beautiful headshot booking through our website, receiving them in a few short hours.

What’s Included:

$299 -1 Hour Acting Package

-10 Final Retouched Images

-3 Background Color

-Online Gallery for Proofing

- (90-100 Images)

-Full usage rights

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