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5 Reasons You Should Have Professional Headshots

May 15, 2018




If you are in the entertainment business, your face is what counts. Whether it's acting modeling or performance related, headshots is one of the first steps to building the career of your dreams. 


Investing in a high-quality, professionally taken headshot is an investment in your personal brand. It shows you at your your very best. A professional photographer that specializes in headshots knows how to position you, how to choose the best backdrop and how to use  execute the perfect lighting to get the best shot possible. 


1. First Impression

First impressions last a lifetime. When you head to a job interview, you prep and groom accordingly, making sure you give them your absolute best appearance of yourself. With a headshot you able to curate the perfect image of you on a great day. The perfect angle, smile and lighting can do wonders.


2. Serious about your work

If you want to be treated like a professional, you’ve got to look like one. Most directors and agency almost always ask for professional headshots. this shows your ability to take your job seriously, willing to invest your time and money into your future.


3. Branding
As an entrepreneur, a headshot can go beyond an about me page. Now a days, those who are willing to invest in your product or service want to feel personally connected in the brand. It's not about just a purchase but from who. Including a face behind the brand, shows seriousness and legitimacy. 
4. Fit the script
When searching for auditions and casting calls, you are expected to send over your credentials and a photo. For directors, they may have a specific role to fill and your look may just be it. Show off those looks for that role, that fashion show or even simply just for your linkedin profile. 
5. Affordable Investment
Contrary to many beliefs, headshots are a great investment that wont break the bank. Many sessions can be costly, however it is an investment to take you further into your professional career.
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