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Please Note: You can now use this strobe in HIGH SPEED SYNC mode with our new High Speed Sync transmitter for Nikon or Canon and a compatible receiver FPRRR1PJRFPRRR1TRN, orFPRRR1TRC!!!

For HSS with a Sony camera, you need an R2 Transmitter for Sony, and an R2 Receiver (Nikon or Canon receiver work as well)


Flashpoint Rovelight 600 MonoLight

600 WS – Guide Number 61

Introducing the solution for studio quality flash totally independent of power cords and generators: The Flashpoint Rovelight 600 MonoLight. A self-contained full featured 600ws strobe that goes anywhere, with its own interchangeable internal high energy 6600mAh lithium battery, with wireless controller, capable of over 500 full power flash bursts on a single charge, without heavy inverters, generators or external battery packs.

Built in 2.4GHz Radio Receiver

The compact Rovelight 600B has a 22 step range of accurate regulated power from full to 1/128th power, controlable from the rear console or the remote controller. Flash duration can be as low as 1/15,000 second for absolute action stopping power. The handy built in LED modeling lamp conserves your batteries energy reserve, with a special timer for auto shutoff when not in use. Recycle speed is selectable between 2 fast modes .3-3.5s or .3-4.5s and offers confirmation with audio and modeling light indication. All of these system functions are displayed clearly on the generous LED display, including the link to the included 16 channel TRS 2.4GHz Remote Controller.

14.8v 6600mAh Lithoum-ion Battery

The Rovelight 600B can be triggered using the TRS radio controller, intelligent or basic optical slave, or traditionally with a standard 3.5mm sync cord. 

This unit can be accessorized with extra Lithium Batteries, and, if you should ever need, an Artic Parka.

Key Features


  • 600 WS – Guide Number 61M @ 100 ISO

  • Built-in (Swappable) 14.8v 6600mAh Lithoum-ion Battery Modules

  • 400+ Full Power Shots Per Battery Charge

  • Built in 2.4GHz Radio Receiver with Remote Power Control

  • 22 Level Power Control – 1/1 to 1/128, in 1/3rd Stops

  • High Shutter Speed Mode – 1/1 to 1/16th Power (Requires HSS Trigger for Pre-sync Signal)

  • Selectable Recycle Speed with 0.3 – 3.5 Second (Fast) and 0.3 – 4.5 Second (Slow)

  • Audible and Ready LED Indicator

  • Trigger Single Frame, Stroboscopic or Flash Delay

  • s1 and s2 Optic Slave Modes

  • Built in 7W LED Modeling Lamp with Auto Off Timer Option

  • Flashpoint or Bowen’s Mount for Reflectors and Light Modifiers


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