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Why Every Actor and Model Needs a Comp Card

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You only get one chance to make an unforgettable first impression. And creating a comp card is one of the ways to do it. The composite card or comp card serves both as an actors business card and a mini-portfolio. Any businessman would tell you how important business cards are to the success of their business.

A well-formatted comp card with stunning pictures and filled out with relevant information might just be all it takes to attract a positive reaction from a casting director. Such an interest might lead to your next modeling or acting job. So you can see that comp cards are highly important marketing and branding tools for serious actors and models.

Comp cards contain the latest and best Headshots and full body shots. Since actors and models usually get jobs based on their looks, you can see why a mini-portfolio with the up to date pictures and information is crucial. Even though beautiful appearance is not considered as one of the most important things needed to gain success in acting or modeling business, nevertheless you will have to get noticed first, before your other qualities come into play.

A comp card is the most impor