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Nail Polis Product Photographer in NY Professional Product Photography for e-Commerce at Tals Studio

Professional Nail Polish Product Photography at NYC Studio

Professional product photography is essential when your customers cannot see your merchandise face-to-face or physically hold the product in their hands

Product Nail Polish Photography in NYC for Branding, E-Commerce, Social Media, Web, and More

A combination of photographic expertise and professional-grade equipment can make all the difference in the image you portray. We're here to help you get the professional shots you need at a reasonable rate! We offer flat white and reflective white backgrounds that make your products stand out.

Professional Nail Polish Product Photography Session $375

Clients may submit styling guides and inspiration photos as guidance for our photographers. Photos will be submitted for approval and a limited amount of reshoots may be requested at no additional cost. Pricing is for single product shots of accessories or tabletop items only

The 10 Product Nail Polish Product Photography Package includes 20 Final Retouched Images, Your Choice of White, Black, or Green Background, 2 Final Retouched Images Per Product, Delivery Via WeTransfer or Dropbox

Nail Polish, Vanity Beer Nail Polish, Royal Runway Nail Polish, Red Vanity Beer Nail Polish

Feel free to learn more and check out our Product Photography by clicking here!

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