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Headshots for Business, Finance, Marketing and Consulting Professionals in Same Day; Chelsea Studio

Book your Professional Headshot with Tals Studio Today!


Professional Headshot Photographer in NYC. Headshots For Businesses, Consultants, Lawyers, Professional use, LinkedIn, etc. Book your shoot, visit our studio on the same day, and get your finalized headshots back to you hours later.

A perfect Headshot is a great investment in your professional career. Our expert photographers will help you pose, find the best angles, chose the best backdrop color and lighting to get the best Headshots possible. Mark just moved to NYC to pursue finance and decided to dress sharply in a navy jacket and tie from Bonobos. He is ready is grow in his new role thanks to his professional Headshot. Here at Tals Studio, every detail is important to us, even down our client's unique hairstyle. We know that every detail is crucial, so it will not only help you too but will make you stand out!

You can receive your high-quality headshots quickly by booking through our website. Great results processed in just a couple of hours which will further your career.

What is Included:

- 2 Final Retouched Images

- 15 Minutes

- 1 Background Color

- Online Gallery for Proofing

- 15-20 Images

- Full usage rights

- Same-Day-Service

Give us a Call: 646-300-2216

We can't wait to meet you!


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