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Branding Product Fashion PhotographyProduct Fashion Photography in New York City

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you design clothes, accessories, or jewelry? Are you looking for the right photographer to help you sell your products?

Product Photography

Product Fashion Photography in New York City for e-commerce, social media, catalog, Amazon, Shopify, and more. Professional Fashion Product photographer Zion Yoni Levy has been shooting fashion products for over 40 years. Professional photos of your product will help you showcase your products and attract customers. Backgrounds of different colors will be used to highlight the quality of your products.

TALS Studio is a professional photography studio located in Chelsea, Manhattan, that specializes in product and fashion photography. We want to work with you to help create the perfect images that represent your brand and sell your products.

If you design clothes and are looking for product shots with models involved, check out our Product Fashion Package.

For $799, you'll receive: • 20 Product shots for up to 10 Pieces • Your choice of Background Color (To help build your brand.) • 1 Model • High Resolution Copies Perfect for Online and Print • An online Gallery for Proofing

Have special ideas or questions? Call us at 646-300-2216. If you want to explore our non-model packages, or are ready to book, visit our website,

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