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Anthony Rubio, Guide Dog Foundation Catwalk, Angelika Ratuszynska, Photo by Yoni Levy at Tals Studio

Well we made it happen. With so many challenges coming our way, there comes the time when you just have to say I will make it happen no matter what. That was the case for this year's Dogs On The Catwalk. With so much uncertainty from the start followed by evolving challenges we got together and made the decision that no matter what, there would be a runway show to benefit The Guide Dog Foundation. Without skipping a beat we put our heads together and by the time the day for filming arrived we were so set and so determined to produce something really special and we made it happen.

None of this could be possible without the loyalty and compassion of a community of workers and artists joining forces for this worthy cause. I always say that it takes a village.

I want to express my thanks to all involved and to all who tuned in. Together we make a difference. If you haven't done it yet please donate to the Guide Dog Foundation because it is through your generosity that this organization can make the lives of others far more manageable. Thank you.

If you missed the premiere, you may watch it here:

To donate, visit:

Model: Angelika Ratuszyńska

Canine Model: Mollie Jane, a Guide Dog

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