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Acting Headshot Photographer Acting Headshot Photography Session $299

Headshot photographer at Tals Studio in NYC specializes in professional headshots, acting, and modeling at an affordable price.

Acting Headshot Photographer Acting Headshot Photography Session $299

Attention aspiring actors and seasoned performers! Your headshot is your calling card to the entertainment industry, and we specialize in creating captivating and authentic acting headshots that capture your unique essence. Elevate your chances of landing your dream roles with our top-tier Acting Headshot Photography service.

We understand that every actor has a range of roles they can excel in. Our experienced headshot photographer Zion Yoni Levy works closely with you to capture the essence of each character you can embody in our state of the art 3500 square foot studio.

Acting Headshot Photography Session $299 Same Day Service 10 Final Images | 4 Looks Unlimited Outfit Changes Online Gallery for Proofing (90-100 Images)

Book Online Now Or Call Us For More Information at 646-300-2216

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