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$249 Glamour Photoshoot Portraits Glamour Photographer at TALS Studio in Chelsea, NYC


At Tals Studio we celebrate showcasing everyone's unique beauty. Our portrait photography session puts you center stage and we ensure that you feel seen and better than ever in your own skin. Our personalized consultant works with you to craft a photo session where you exude your inner glow.

The portrait House Photographer, Yoni Levy, will capture the light within you and encapsulate you as the main character that you are! Yoni's many years of experience allowed him to create this breathtaking shot, among many more, with our multitalented clientele.

1 Hour

10 Final Retouched Images

Up to 3 Background Colors​

Online Gallery for Proofing

(75-100 Images)

Full usage rights

Photographer: Yoni Levy

To see more amazing portraits, visit

Glamour Portrait Session is only $249 and rewards you with 10 beautiful images

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