• Tal Levy / Tals Studio

$149 Fast Same Day Headshots For Kids Teenager at NYC Photography Studio

Kids Actor Headshot Photography in NYC  www.talsstudio.com/headshots 646-300-2216 Has your child been expressing their love for acting or modeling? Are you ready to support them in making their dreams come true? TALS Studio wants to help you help them.  Our personalized consultant helps in crafting a photo session where your kids get to learn how to get in character and embody an array of different demeanors from serious, to joyous, in front of the lens to adapt for different roles! TALS Studio is a professional photography studio near 34th-St, Penn Station, that specializes in working with actors, models, and dancers, to help advance their careers. We work with people of all experience levels, creating powerful images to help set them apart from the rest.  Our $149 Headshot Package will have your child feeling like a superstar!  You'll receive: 4 Final Retouched Images 30 Minutes 2 Background Color ​Online Gallery for Proofing (20-30 Images)  Full usage rights Have questions? give us a call, 646-300-2216. Ready to Book? Grab your child, and their favorite outfits, and head out to TALS Studio today! You can book easily online within minutes.