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Photography classes

In our state of the art Studio, you will find all of the latest photography equipment, which will
allow you to experience all aspects of professional photography. All you need is a camera with
manual mode and you!

In Tals Studio, we believe in interactive, hands-on method classes. So the theory can be felt,
practiced and shown at almost any given point of the session.


Our Classes cover practical training in using photo equipment, umbrellas, soft boxes, flash
meters and snoots.  As well as how to pose your model, create the right mood for the images desired and capture the emotion in the image.

In addition, the classes include a full-focus on lightning and lighting effects: Classic Lighting, Mix Lighting,
and most importantly how-to minimize the post-processing time and editing of images.

Our goal is to provide you with all the technical, theoretical and practical knowledge, so that by
the time you have completed the session, you are ready to practice and enjoy photography
outside of the Studio.  

One Light Source Photography Classes

Photography and Lighting Classes will consist of full hands-on shooting using pro photo equipment provided by us, and plenty of experimentation. You don't need to own studio equipment.


You'll learn how to use the photo equipment including soft boxes, umbrellas, snoots and flash-meters. You'll do exceptional lighting effects as well as adjust your shoot for exact results. The Lighting effects learned in this workshop are top notch and will provide you with solid experience in lighting that is applicable outside of the Photo Studio.


This course is an excellent opportunity to experience Photo Studio shooting without the extra cost of Photo studio rentals and equipment. We highly recommend taking this course to fully understand lighting in and outside of the Studio.


There are max 10 Students Max per Class.  Every student has the chance to express what they desire to learn and capture as well as the opportunity to shoot this idea with a model in the studio.​  Model Included.



  • Sony, Cannon, Nikon Cameras ONLY with Manual mode

    • If you do not have your own camera, we have some at the studio you can use, do not worry!

  • Please be familiar in the basics of exposure in Manual mode  

One Light Source Photography Class

Modeling Photographer Yoni Levy 3_.jpg

For those looking to learn how to use one light source to achieve whatever you desire to capture.  You will also gain many tips and tricks for photography, whether you're a beginner or a pro, you will gain from this class.

2-Hour Class

  • 10 Students Max per Class

  • 1 Instructor

  • Model Provided

  • Various Background Colors and Props


Per Person

Every student has time to practice with a live model in the studio.

One-On-One Photography & Lighting Classes

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